Design specifically for smaller, clamp-mounted outboard engines

The original solution for locking outboard motors or engines to a boat's transom to prevent outboard motor theft. These are for use where an outboard engine is attached using the engine's clamping bracket.  Your outboard is valuable and vulnerable.  No outboard is insured unless it is locked on with an insurance approved lock.

The slot in the lock covers the two clamp heads making it nearly impossible for a potential thief to get access to them.

We make four models of insurance approved slot lock because our extensive research and development has shown the importance of having the correct size of lock for the outboard motor you have.

Choosing the right Slot Lock

If you are unsure as to which Slot Lock you require then please measure across the width of your toggles once aligned up straight:

  • If less than 150mm then an Atlantic 170 is required
  • If less than 160mm then an Atlantic 195 is required
  • If over 160mm then an Atlantic 230 is required
  • Small Slot Lock for Honda and Suzuki 2 to 3hp

The suggested engine models are a guide only and can depend on the engines installation etc.

Atlantic slot locks

The Atlantic Slot Lock is our most substantial outboard motor lock and is made in four lengths: 170mm, 195mm and 230mm, each with a 14mm slot. A high security locking head (HSH) is supplied as is a black dust cap and a rubber liner.