Shock Absorbing Pedestal 500-630mm




shock absorbing boat seat pedestal allowing you a smooth travel on rough seas and large waves. Waverider pedestal reduces the shock normally felt in your back and legs.

Being Gas powered, allows easy adjustment of the seat height to suit each individual.

Aluminium Anodised shaft makes the pedestal resistant to corrosion and also ensures durability strength and light weight. Powder coated aluminium base fade and corrosion resistant.

Shock Absorbing Adjustable Boat Seat Pedestal is gas powered
Waverider pedestal uniformly absorb shock
Lightweight and durable
Supplied with the top and base
Made of corrosion resistant material
Resistant to UV & salt water exposure
Easy to install
Aluminium anodised 75mm shaft
Powder coated aluminium casted base
Nylon top