STA-BIL Diesel All-Season – 20oz/591ml



STA-BIL Diesel All-Season is an advanced all year formula for all your diesel additive needs.

This diesel additive cleans and lubricates fuel injectors, provides anti-gel protection down to -40°C, and boosts cetane.

The anti-gel protection makes it particularly beneficial for winter use.

Diesel All-Season is effective in ALL diesel fuels including bio-diesel, and is B20 Compliant (e.g. 20% biodiesel blended with 80% petroleum diesel)

Can this be used in conjunction with STA-BIL Diesel Fuel Stabilizer?

Yes! STA-BIL Diesel Fuel Stabilizer is fully compatible with STA-BIL Diesel All Season. Combining them will stabilize the fuel AND provide all the benefits of the STA-BIL Diesel All Season. We recommend following the dosage amounts of each product.

How does this differ from STA-BIL Diesel Fuel Stabilizer?

STA-BIL Diesel All Season does not stabilize fuel for 12 months like STA-BIL Diesel Fuel Stabilizer does. STA-BIL Diesel Fuel Stabilizer specifically focuses on stabilization. It also prevents sludge and sediment, has a corrosion inhibitor, and an antioxidant to reduce thermal breakdown.

STA-BIL Diesel All Season provides a full system cleaner, a lubricant, a water remover (emulsifier), and an anti-gel additive, plus a cetane booster.

Combine both for the ultimate in Diesel engine performance!


  • Pour into tank before fill-up to aid mixing with fuel
  • Over treatment, use of entire bottle or more frequent use is safe and will not harm engine
  • Promptly clean up spills from vehicle finish.
  • Do not use in gasoline engines


As stated on the bottle:

20oz (591ml) bottle treats up to 150 US gallons of fuel

32oz (946ml) bottle treats up to 250 US gallons of fuel

This roughly equates to:

1oz treats 7.5 US Gallons (30ml treats 28 litres)


  • Anti-gel to -40°C (-40°Fahrenheit)
  • Cetane boost
  • Cleans & lubricates fuel system
  • Water demulsification
  • Does not contain alcohol

Please note: This product does not keep diesel fresh for 12 months like STA-BIL Diesel Fuel Stabilizer Additive.