STA-BIL Start Your Engines! Fuel System Revitaliser



Ensures quick easy starts after extended storage, and ensures smooth idling and performance in season
For all 2 and 4-cycle Small Engines
Easy to use, just add to the equipment’s fuel tank
Revitalises fuel and the entire fuel system
Size: 2 oz

STA-BIL Start Your Engines should be used anytime your engine begins to run rough or becomes difficult to start.

It is designed to ensure easy starting of 2 and 4 cycle motors, smooth rough idling and stalling, and helps remove gum and varnish from the throttle plate and carburettor.

Start Your Engines is particularly useful for use after long term storage when engines can be reluctant to start. When used as directed it will not harm petrol engines. It is not recommended for diesel engines and may cause severe damage.

The shelf life of STA-BIL Start Your Engines! Fuel System Revitalizer is 2 years from the date of purchase, provided it has been tightly capped and stored in a cool, dry place.


Check to be sure fuel line and filters are clean and not plugged and fuel can flow. Check spark plug for deposits and clean or replace if required. Check fuel level in gas tank, add gasoline or OEM approved blend of 2-cycle oil and fresh petrol, as needed, to assure sufficient petrol to start engine. Invert the aerosol can upside down, press on the valve side and aim into the fuel tank (Do not spray product into the air or your face). The can will empty in 30 – 60 seconds. Use of unmixed petrol in a 2-cycle engine can cause engine failure and should never be attempted. Start per the OEM equipment manual recommended starting procedure. If engine does not start a mechanical repair may be required.


Aerosol product dispenses from the top of the valve, turn can upside down and aim valve into fuel tank to dispense the product. Do not use near fire, flames, sparks or any sources of ignition (No Smoking). Use in well ventilated area.