YBX Active Marine Dual EFB Battery 12V 100Ah 750A



The Yuasa YBX Active Marine Dual EFB battery range has been specifically developed to perform the function of both traditional deep cycle and starter batteries. Not only do they provide reliable starting power for your boat’s engine, their unique design means they can also be used for your boat’s auxiliary power requirements. Allowing you to do more of the things you love.

YBX Active Marine

  • Specially developed to meet the demands of both starting and auxiliary power requirements
  • Next generation EFB technology provides greater endurance, more available cycles & faster charging
  • Vibrolock construction provides enhanced vibration resistance
  • Dual terminal
  • Supplied charged and ready to fit
  • Enhanced safety features including integrated flame arrestor & carry handle
  • Fully maintenance free
  • Leak proof double lid
  • 1200 watt hours